Issue number five of the Kopnez magazine was the last installment of the paper to be produced in the booklet format. It contained coverage on the concert of the popular Macedonian songstress, Vaska Ilieva who performed at the Macedonian Hall. The regular columns all appeared covering a vast range of local and international topics and the achievements of the local soccer team Red Star were covered in the sport section. 

Kopnez Issue 4 contained a fascinating story about Dedo Vasil Chakov and the various political transitions that the Macedonian motherland under went during his lifetime. 

The third installment of Kopnez was released in June 1984. This issue covered the visit of the of the delegation of Senior Macedonian Orthodox Church representatives from Macedonia to St Mary's Church in Newcastle. Kopnez also continued on with the themes presented in the magazine in the first two issues such as, "Zena i Dom" which translates to "Lady and Home".  Liljana Sazdanoff covered some traditional Macedonian cooking recipes and touched on various womens interest topics. Vlado Krestevski continued on his popular cartoon feature in this issue.