I recently had the pleasure of discovering that a Facebook page has been setup to remember the glory days of the Newcastle Macedonia Junior Soccer Club. If you have not already seen the page I would highly recommend having a look, It is sure to bring the memories flooding back.
These are the pictures that Kopnez.com contributed to the site, checkout the post to see a slide show of the photos in more detail. If you have any more photos that you feel we can add to the site please email them to info@kopnez.com or directly to the Facebook page owner.

After a long period between postings I have finally had all of the editions of Kopnez scanned and uploaded to the web. I will be featuring more regular postings over the next few weeks and have also found some excellent photos of Macedonian Community functions that were held during the 1980's which I will post onto the site. 
Original Kopnez founder and co-writer Blagoja Bozinoski has also been kind enough to provide a descriptive insight into each edition of the paper in Macedonian. The second edition of the Kopnez Newspaper continued on with the community based themes of the first edition. Please enjoy and feel free to provide any feedback.