The traditional Macedonian costume has been largely influenced by the village lives in which many Macedonians forged their existence over the last 400 to 500 years. These drawings show the various different styles that have influenced the cultural dance, song and lifestyles of the Macedonian people.
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Issue number five of the Kopnez magazine was the last installment of the paper to be produced in the booklet format. It contained coverage on the concert of the popular Macedonian songstress, Vaska Ilieva who performed at the Macedonian Hall. The regular columns all appeared covering a vast range of local and international topics and the achievements of the local soccer team Red Star were covered in the sport section. 

Kopnez Issue 4 contained a fascinating story about Dedo Vasil Chakov and the various political transitions that the Macedonian motherland under went during his lifetime. 

The third installment of Kopnez was released in June 1984. This issue covered the visit of the of the delegation of Senior Macedonian Orthodox Church representatives from Macedonia to St Mary's Church in Newcastle. Kopnez also continued on with the themes presented in the magazine in the first two issues such as, "Zena i Dom" which translates to "Lady and Home".  Liljana Sazdanoff covered some traditional Macedonian cooking recipes and touched on various womens interest topics. Vlado Krestevski continued on his popular cartoon feature in this issue. 

I recently had the pleasure of discovering that a Facebook page has been setup to remember the glory days of the Newcastle Macedonia Junior Soccer Club. If you have not already seen the page I would highly recommend having a look, It is sure to bring the memories flooding back.
These are the pictures that contributed to the site, checkout the post to see a slide show of the photos in more detail. If you have any more photos that you feel we can add to the site please email them to or directly to the Facebook page owner.

After a long period between postings I have finally had all of the editions of Kopnez scanned and uploaded to the web. I will be featuring more regular postings over the next few weeks and have also found some excellent photos of Macedonian Community functions that were held during the 1980's which I will post onto the site. 
Original Kopnez founder and co-writer Blagoja Bozinoski has also been kind enough to provide a descriptive insight into each edition of the paper in Macedonian. The second edition of the Kopnez Newspaper continued on with the community based themes of the first edition. Please enjoy and feel free to provide any feedback. 

Welcome to the first post from the Kopnez team, I have placed a copy of the first issue of the Kopnez magazine ever produced online for your  viewing, I hope as you read through these pages it brings back memories of the era. 
As time permits I will add all of the issues that were produced for online viewing, please feel free to add any comments to the site. If you have any suggestions please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate them.